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MindX Article: Comtec 2000 - We are the lucky ones (reformatted)

We did it: 3 days of "Linux World Domination" :-) on the Comtec fair in Dresden/Germany. Supplied with 2 servers and 6 clients, our LUG (Linux User Group Dresden) had a lot of fun joking about the other participants and their weak Winbloze boxes. More numbers: 5 penguins, 3 more on posters, and a KDE konqui for completeness. The show ranged from 486 X-Terminals running KDE2 over a Linux game box to full-blown multimedia players. It was interesting to see the business men playing Open Source games, whilst stearing at Debian installations, and at least stating that they like SuSE ;-) OK, let's see what the next year will bring us - this one was definetively a huge success.

The old poster. Later we had some bigger ones...

Kids playing games. The usual stories.

Our Comtec 2000 booth.

Josef Spillner, October 2000
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