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MindX Article: Linux-Tag 2001 Chemnitz

Should have known that in the end it's all about games ;)

That weekend the 3rd Linux-Tag in Chemnitz, organized by CLUG, took place. You might want to take a look on its homepage at http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/linux/tag/. I was there on Saturday, March 10, as a spectator, and wanted to watch what they had planned there.

The presentations covered a large part of what makes a typical Linux installation on both servers and clients. It was about Linux network in schools, in business and on everybody's desktop. Fortunately this event included also an installation party and some more fun, e.g. a Linux games presentation or robots controlled by free software. From the technical point of view, Europe's largest penguin-powered super cluster could be observed, that's more than 400 GHz in total!!

On the games booth they had a demo version of Decent 3 on the screens, and I wonder whether it will be possible to create such exciting graphical games under a free software license. Those companies don't release their source, and actually the common developer has no chance to compete against this. Games are different in this respect to all other kinds of software, let it be web servers or JRE's. It does totally depend on how the players (users) accept it, which cannot be measured in tech terms.

The KDE people were among the presentators. I had several issues to discuss, mostly I wanted to know how I could get support to further develop KGGZ and its satellite programs into a direction that fits both into KDE's and GGZ's concept. This lead me requesting the KDE Games Mailing List:
kde-games-devel (at) master.kde.org.
Thanks to the people who were involved into this process. You can subscribe by visiting http://master.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-games-devel. And I wish many coders and players participate in the discussion lead there.

Josef Spillner, March 2001
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