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Introducing the DRS system for online games

DRS means Dynamic Remote Scripted - a weird term, but it contains all of the essential components: Games which are installed on the server only and dynamically transferred to the clients on demand. This allows players to always have the latest versions (stable or unstable, on their command), while at the same time providing security (all scripts are executed in a sand box) and efficiency (only the updated part are transferred, like with CVS).

Structure of DRS

As usual, there is a client and a server part. The server implementation is not tied to any restrictions, so one is relatively free to use whatever format one likes. I've chosen to make a subdirectory for every scripted game, and let the game server know the top-level directory. Each game consists of the DRS control file (like example.drs) and an optional description file (like example.dsc), which is referred to as "control file" within the DRS control file. Let's show an example to make things clear:

Name = example
Status = 989849305
Resources = tile.png exit.wav
ControlFile = example.dsc
Host = game.server
Port = 21
Type = ftp
Path = /pub/drs

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