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Josef Spillner
Sebastian Roth (i18n German)

KGGZ 0.0.1 with faked icons and a faked game server ;)

KGGZ 0.0.4pre4 is able to handle Web-based games!

KGGZ is the KDE client for the GGZ Gaming Zone. For an overview on the (upcoming) version 0.0.4, please follow this link.

There is not even a released version yet, and I'm still not sure which functionality belongs into such a frontend, and which should better kept somewhere else. You cannot even play with it! But believe me, this will work before GGZ 0.0.4 is released. In the meanwhile you can already have a lot of fun with it. Please not that I don't distribute it separately any longer, as it is now part of GGZ CVS. Goto the GGZ Gaming Zone Home page for downloading or checking out the code.
It is currently not built by default. Use make -f Makefile.mindx when in doubt.

Josef Spillner, January 2001
The MindX Open Source Project