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MindX - Mailing lists

Please note that not only the MindX lists are commented here, but also all related ones. To avoid spam I do only list them literally. See SourceForge et al. for subscription and archives.

If you want to start a discussion about licensing, new game projects, or if you want to distribute weird ideas, this list might be the ideal place for it.

All kinds of development issues go here. This may either concern MindX projects or others. Discussion about programming issues is very important!

This list is for the management of the individual projects, and the cooperation between them. Whenever you set up an own game project, don't miss to use this list!

The official KDE games development list. Founded by me, and flooded by me with senseless traffic :-)

Whenever you have a cool idea what should be implemented in Nautix, or what could be improved, don't hesitate to tell it to me!

The GGZ Gaming Zone development list. This is especially interesting for all online gaming folks.

Josef Spillner, March 2001
The MindX Open Source Project