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About GGZ Europe One

The GGZ Europe One Server is the primary European meeting point for GGZ players.
It hosts most games available, and is permanently connected to the Internet.
The location of the server is in Berlin, Germany.
Big thanks to for the hosting of the game server.

GGZ Europe One is ran by Josef Spillner from the GGZ Development Team. If you have any questions concerning the games or the services available here, just ask me what you want to know.

Mailing List

I've set up a mailing list for all interested people. It's mindx-europeone, and the listinfo pages for subscriptions are here: It won't be high traffic from here, mostly announcements, but you can of course use it to discuss about server hosting, games to be installed, online game sessions and such.

Links and Information

Some useful links that might help you to be faster:

Contact the GGZ Europe One staff
The Official GGZ Gaming Zone homepage
The MindX Open Source Project
Sponsor: Snafu Internet Services
Linux Game Development Center

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