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Welcome on the GGZ Europe One home page. If you are looking for online games which belong to the category "Free Software" (they are all "Open Source" here), you are on the right site.

These web pages represent the primary European GGZ Server running at ( on port 5688. You can view the current game server statistics here as well as gather additional information.


Yay!!!! GGZ Europe One is updated and runs as many games as never before. Enjoy! 10 April 2002 The new release 0.0.5 is on its way. GGZ Europe One has been updated already.

1 July 2001 Well... I fogot to tell I'm on LinuxTag next week and will also give a workshop there called "KDE Games Development". Part of this will be a presentation of the GGZ Gaming Zone. C U there guys.

17 June 2001 RELEASE - The GGZ Gaming Zone 0.0.4 is finally released. We have 10 nice packages for you, in .tar.gz, RPM and DEB format for x86. IA64 support will follow soon, and other architectures as they become accessible to us. GGZ Europe Two is now also online, the "little brother" of GGZ Europe One. Have fun with GGZ!

10 June 2001 Some enhancements. Implemented sample statistics page, and splitted stats and games. The release is delayed (unfortunately), but the sources are always there for you :)

06 June 2001 This site has just opened! Feel free to add news items here. The regular news will be about the installation of new game servers, and about upcoming online game sessions.

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