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Site status
No, I am not going to tell you that this site is not dead yet blah blah :-)
MindX is a meta project, and as such the ideas and sources live elsewhere:

mindx-hosted stuff
GGZ Europe One pages, neither complete nor up to date, but watch out after the next release!
The DRS System to get online games updated automatically.
Discussion area about the future of game servers
Copenhagen, a KDE multiplayer game
support stuff
Arkanae3D has now joined WorldForge.
The GNU Free Documentation License - I got some patches for the translation, will apply them soon.
sources i'm currently working on
The GGZ Gaming Zone - my main work goes here
KDE Games - I'm trying to contribute some stuff into libkdegames, and maybe a complete game

There's also some stuff on my private homepage, www.maux.de, e.g. about LinuxTag or new ideas.

Whenever I have the time, these pages will represent all the stuff as HTML.
Josef, 2001/Sep/10.
Site Content:

Current Issue
Have a game with Zone
Melting Linux games with the web

Game development:
KDE client for the GGZ Gaming Zone
GGZ game module
GGZ game module
3D Realtime Strategy Game
KDE goes fun
KDE again? Oh stop...
Support & Enhancements:
3D Java Roleplay Game (i18n)
OpenGL scene graph (porting)
SuperTux AddOn
Jump'n'Run Tux Game (levels, tileset)
GGZ Gaming Zone
Internet gaming platform (general support)
Libraries, development
3D objects loader, file format
Melting Linux games with the web
Infinite map representation
A C++ library wrapper for ggzcore.

is symbolizing my (Josef Spillner) efforts to push forward the development of full-features games which are freely available with sources. All MindX Site content is subject of well-known Open Source Licenses.

There is no need for commercial game applications. MindX Is Not DirectX!
Picture of Choice

Netmap (just one of my ideas)

To submit a news item, simply write me a mail and explain that you want to have the mail content listed here.

2001-03-18, josef:
I have just released the first version of the library GGZCore++. Don't ask me why I am so unproductive in these days - see where I've been instead:

2001-03-04, josef:
While playing around with GGZ Gathering, I thougt that the underlying library should be independent of the game. You can find some more information on the Netmap page".

2001-02-16, josef:
The new version of Arkanae (0.3) is now released. It's getting better with every version ;) This page will be updated soon.
Well, and I have started writing a new KDE game called "Kutter". It's not playable yet.

2001-01-26, josef:
A new package of insaneFX sources has arrived today (thanks Dirk). I've started building a perl script which helps me out with porting it to Linux ;)
I'll expect a compileable version not before the next weekend, though, because I've some exams the next days and weeks.

2001-01-18, josef:
Recently I've played FreeCiv a whole night long. This game is recommandable without any restrictions - it is pure fun, except that I don't know who the winner was, because the AI took over some players. Check out www.freeciv.org for the latest FreeCiv version.

2001-01-18, josef:
Wooooo - this is the new design of the MindX home page (the 3rd already). The voices were 50-50, but something new is always a good thing. There are also some content updates: A new article, a new game, and lots of new ideas. And, what a luck, even the konqueror rendered this page correctly, despite my negative tests with no. 2. Have fun, and feel free to join the MindX Project!

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GGZ Gaming Zone


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